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Armenian Elote Salad

Los Angeles, I believe, is among the top three culturally diverse cities. Amsterdam and London are arguably one and two. With that diversity comes a melding of flavors at home and in restaurants. Armenian’s diaspora is evident in spices used that may have originated in Syria, Argentina, Iran or elsewhere. The same recipe may taste different made by someone from Syria than someone from Iran, simply due to the spices used. Here in Los Angeles, we have street vendors – Mexican, Guatemalan, Honduran, among others. A popular street food is “Elote” – corn covered in cheese, chili, lime and mayonnaise. It’s referred to as “Mexican Street Corn”, but Spain and France argue over the origins of mayonnaise, so elote is...

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Seeded Crackers - Gluten Free

Simplistically Seedy Crackers When we make Raspberry Pear Balsamic, we end up with lots of raspberry seeds. Why waste them - they're full of antioxidants and fiber.  Finding a recipe that calls for raspberry seeds is daunting, so we created our own.  Don't have any - don't worry - other seeds work just as well.   But we gotta ask - why has the chia reached millennial popularity and the raspberry seed hasn't?  What do the big jam producers do with the seeds from their raspberry jam? What do you do when you make raspberry jam or syrup - do you strain the seeds? This is for the folks out there who may happen to have raspberry seeds, and for those of you who...

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Lemon Lime Bars

Rich and flavorful - the olive oil adds a unique texture to the curd. Get creative and use an olive oil with herbs - like our Basil Olive Oil.  We used Persian Lime Olive Oil and love the new dimension.  INGREDIENTS FOR THE CRUST 1¼ cups/155 grams all purpose flour ¼ cup/50 grams granulated sugar (we prefer demerara sugar but it will make the finished bars more golden brown than "lemon yellow" 1 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest ¼ teaspoon fine sea salt 10 tablespoons/142 grams cold butter, cut into cubes FOR THE CURD 3/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice 1 tablespoon lemon zest 1½ cups/300 grams sugar 2 large eggs plus 3 yolks 1½ teaspoons/5 grams cornstarch Pinch of fine sea salt 4 tablespoons/57 grams butter ¼ cup/60 milliliters...

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Simple Shrimp Soup

Simple, fast, wholesome and delicious. A perfect rainy day lunch that's not too heavy. Ingredients 1 cup chicken or vegetable broth 1 cup water 1 T tomato paste ¼ cup long grain rice 1 green onion – diced into ¼ inch pieces 1 T diced mint leaves 1 t Aleppo pepper 1/3 t Venom pepper sea salt (optional) ½ cup chopped zucchini cut into ½ inch pieces 1 cup raw, peeled and washed frozen shrimp ¼ cup lemon juice Salt to taste French feta crumbled – approximately 1 tablespoon per bowl Minced parsley to garnish over feta Add chicken broth, water, tomato paste and rice to a sauce pan. Heat to a low simmer. Add mint, onion, pepper and pepper salt....

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Smokey Croutons

When you need something just a little different on your salad try these croutons.  They'll add a new dimension to your lettuce, kale, vegetables... Ingredients 2 cups - Almost Stale Bread (too stale and it won't absorb any oil) - cut into 1 inch cubes 1/4 cup Smoked Olive Oil 1 tablespoon dried Herbs de Provence (or another herb blend) 3/4 teaspoon salt Preheat oven to 350 degrees Put bread cubes on sheet pan and drizzle with olive oil.  Use your hands and rub the oil into the bread, sopping up any spills on the pan.  You want the oil evenly distributed in the bread, not on the pan. Sprinkle with the herbs and salt. Put in the oven and turn temperature...

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