Our Story

Beyond the Olive is a customer favorite and is recognized as a premier reliable source for quality California Extra Virgin Olive Oils, vinegar and other quality products.  With A Gold Medal at last year's New York International Olive Oil Competition, the only North American Olive Oil to win a medal at Toronto’s International Olive Oil Competition, 6  consecutive wins as Best Specialty Food Store, four medals at the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition and being named "One of the 10 best places in the World to buy EVOO", customers have grown to love and trust this local, family business, founded in 2009.

Our Values 

  • Integrity in everything we do

  • Quality products and service

  • Building strong relationships

  • Commitment to the community


We stand hard and fast to our Mission and Values.  We continue to seek out the best products for your enjoyment. With a family of cooks, engineers and central valley farmers, I grew up with an appreciation for our land and the food it provides us. We  have the flexibility and integrity to source from multiple small sustainable farms for the best flavor profiles.  That means our products will change from year to year and sometimes even month to month.  We are constantly tasting and evaluating oils and vinegars to bring you the best. 

Our Mission

The mission of Beyond the Olive is to provide our customers with the knowledge to accurately assess the quality of extra virgin olive oil and provide you with access to the greatest extra virgin olive oil that California has to offer. We accomplish this by providing education on the production, varieties and attributes of extra virgin olive oils and allowing consumers to taste the subtleties in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.   


The California Gold Rush

All it took was a taste... and... Liquid Gold!  That amazing shock of tasting something so much better than anything one could find in a supermarket was the inspiration that lead to the creation of Beyond The Olive.  Since the beginning we've learned as much as we can from world renown chefs, farmers and millers, enrolled at UC Davis to become a master taster and most recently, award winning blender.

By sharing our knowledge and product, a consumer trust and loyalty has developed that continues today.

Today, we integrate this well-rounded knowledge into a first-class shopping experience by providing an interactive, relaxed and informative atmosphere for the novice who seeks delicious, healthy food and the epicurean who seeks to enhance their cooking experience.   

We want to bring you the best epicurean experience you can have: one you can take home to use in your own kitchen.  Sample our products.  You’ll be glad you did!