What to Do With Your Dirty Bottle - save $ and the environment!

We recycle our bottles and we give you credit too!  

We accept bottles at both Hoopla and Culture Club 101 in Pasadena.... mail them back to us, or leave them by your door if you are local!  

There are 3 ways we can give you credit -

1)  Place the order on-line and ask for local pick up at Hoopla.  We deliver up there each Wednesday afternoon, so your credit will come the following week after we pick up the bottles.

2) Mail us the bottles back with a note and we can prepare an invoice with the credit.

3) Place the order on-line and request local delivery.  We will tell you what day we will drop off at your house.  Leave the bottles out for us and we will credit your order after we pick up.

Culture Club will take your bottles, but can't process refunds if you are purchasing a new bottle there.

We give credit for the 375 ml and 750 ml sizes.  

We appreciate the other sizes back but because they are small - and much more difficult to sanitize, we can't always reuse them.