Pasadena Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pasadena Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Pasadena Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Taste California's Heritage! 

This amazing blend of Manzanillo and Mission Olives is the true essence of California’s bounty!  Fruity, full on the tongue with floral overtones. A slight peppery finish rounds out the oil. A great everyday oil. A fusti of this belongs in everyone’s kitchen!

These varietals were brought by the missionaries and are the first olives to be grown in California!

This EVOO has a polyphenol count of 875.  The average is around 200.    Polyphenols are an anti-inflammatory.  They keep the blood thin so blood pressure stays lower.  Drink this instead of popping aspirin!  This is one of the highest counts in the industry.

Harvest Info

December 2020

Zamora, CA

Polyphenol Count 875