Olio Nuovo -2023
Olio Nuovo -2023
Olio Nuovo -2023
Olio Nuovo -2023
Olio Nuovo -2023

Olio Nuovo -2023

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Olio Nuovo - Sold out until next year!

I couldn't decide what varietal to bring in!

I like them all, so this year I'm offering 3 different varietals of Olio Nuovo, all grown in the great state of California.

Ascolano - A large meaty olive with a delicate flavor, hailing from the province of Ascoli Piceno, in the southern part of the Marche region on the central Adriatic coast of Italy. 

Organic Koroneiki - A Greek variety originally cultivated on the plains, lower hillsides and coastal areas of Crete. The dark fruit is very small with a sweet and fruity flavor. 

Organic Arbequina - A highly aromatic, small olive from Catalonia, Spain.

My suggestion - try them all and find your favorite. Each will change over the next three months, but will give you an idea how the main harvest of each oil will ultimately taste.

What is it? Simply put it is the freshest oil you can get!

Green fruit flavor with intense bitterness & pungency. Like a punch in the tongue

This dark golden colored oil is silky smooth in the mouth and complex, with flavors of ripe pear, fresh green olives and delicate caramel overtones. This fresh oil is similar to freshly squeezed orange juice full of pulp versus anything on your grocer's shelf.

You will love the thick mouthfeel with a distinct beginning, middle and end!

The cloudiness is from residual amounts of olive fruit sediment still suspended in the oil. This adds to the flavor of the oil however shortens its shelf life to about 120 days.

So use it quickly and use it lavishly!

Why do I want it? All that sediment makes for amazing flavor AND healthy eating. Even better, It 's Great for Sharing!

What better gift than THE FRESHEST OIL IN THE WORLD!

It finishes with a complex herbaceousness, and a moderate peppery kick from the extremely high polyphenols. Truly like no other olive oil you'll ever taste, it's the freshest EVOO you'll find!

California Grown - Hand harvested

**Olio Nuovo is like fresh fruit & vegetables, and should be consumed right away to enjoy the fresh flavors and health benefits of it's high polyphenols. We recommend it be consumed within 4 months of harvest.

Harvest Info

California Estate Grown EVOO - December 2023 - Corning and Orland, CA

nonGMO, Raw, Gluten Free

This EVOO is a seasonal SPECIALTY
Available for only a couple months each year
Meant to be consumed quickly (within 4 months of harvest date)

Is Olio Nuovo Certified by the COOC? Although our Olio Nuovo meets all COOC standards, the COOC does not yet have a program to certify Olio Nuovo EVOO's due to their short shelf life. Therefore our Olio Nuovo does not carry the COOC seal at this time.

OLIO NUOVO means "New Oil" in Italian, and is a celebration of the beginning of harvest season for olive oil. This oil is literally harvested, pressed, bottled and shipped to you in just a few days, making it the freshest and healthiest EVOO you can possibly get! Some call it Olio Nuevo (Spanish) and others Olio Novello (French). Either way, it 's the BEST!


That's easy, two reasons - the health benefits and fresh flavor! When olive oil is first made, it's at its absolute best, full of polyphenols (antioxidants) and fresh fruity flavor.