Beautiful Altadena  Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend

Beautiful Altadena Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend

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Beautiful Altadena Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One thing I tell people tasting for the first time is “feel” the oil. It should sit on your tongue, not sheet off like water. This beautiful blend is full bodied, fruit forward with a light bitterness and light heat. It sits on your tongue and let’s you contemplate.

Why Altadena? Because this is where my family has trees… not enough to harvest, but enough to inspire and climb.

We’ve combined two varietals so that this oil is a perfect balance - a distinct beginning, middle and end. Herbaceous floral notes, with flavors of green tomato and hints of apple.

Elegant, well balanced bitterness and pungency.

  • Certified 100% EVOO by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC)

  • nonGMO, Raw, Gluten Free

Harvest Info

This California EVOO was hand harvested in December 2019 in San Joaquin Valley, CA and Capay Valley, CA.

Polyphenol Count - 383