Salt Fat Acid Heat
Salt Fat Acid Heat

Salt Fat Acid Heat

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Salt Fat Acid Heat

You've got it all! We love the Netflix series that covers these four essential flavors, but hey - we've been doing this combo for years and you can too!

Our olive oils are pressed with fruits and peppers to give you unique Citrus Habanero Olive Oil and Jalapeño Garlic Olive Oil.

To offset the heat and the fat - we've included our Lambrusco Red Wine Vinegar - tart with a sublime sweetness that balances most foods - especially salads out.

Our Cyprus Flake sea salt is GIANT FLAKES from the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus. With flakes this size, there's no getting lost - these flakes sit on top of steaks, tomatoes, ice cream or brownies - and makes each so much more rich and satisfying.

Now together as a gift set packed in a wooden crate with seasonal ribbon and tissue!

each bottle is 375 ml