Chocolate Lovers Gift Set

Chocolate Lovers Gift Set

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Chocolate Lovers Gift Set

True chocolate lovers know chocolate isn't just for dessert. You can use all of these products on meats, vegetables... and yes desserts too.

Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar can be used on chicken wings or in a cake. Chocolate Orange Balsamic Vinegar we use to stir-fry with - replacing the Oyster Sauce - especially if we want to go vegan.

We've combined both Balsamic Vinegars with the perfect salt enhancements - big giant flakes of Sea Salt from Cyprus and Vanilla Sea Salt - sprinkle either of these on anything and you have a winning combination of sweet and savory.

Packed together in a wooden crate with silk flowers. Decoration changes with the season.

If sending a gift - please write a note (under "notes") and we will include it in the box.

2 options available - 2 - 250 ml sized balsamic bottles and 2 - 375 ml sized balsamic bottles.(salts are the same size on both options)