Bigger n' Bolder

Bigger n' Bolder

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Bigger n' Bolder

Are you ready to cook? Start your engines - Three of our most robust flavors together with Roasted Garlic Sea Salt. Smoked Olive Oil, Garlic Olive Oil and our Pasadena Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Garlic is crushed with olives during milling to give our Garlic Olive Oil a fresh garlic taste. Use it lavishly on meats, pastas, vegetables. Don't have a clove of garlic? Use a teaspoon!

We smoke our estate grown Arbequina Olive Oil right here in town. For those who love bbq, they'll love this Smoked Olive Oil. Others will as well - just a tablespoon when sautéing vegetables changes the dynamics of a dish - warming it up in a umami way.

Packed together in a wooden crate. Decoration will change with season.

each bottle is 375 ml