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7 Spring Sensations in Canvas Bag
7 Spring Sensations in Canvas Bag

7 Spring Sensations in Canvas Bag

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We found a green and yellow basket for all of your taskets!

Treat mom - or yourself - to a reusable cute canvas bag for Spring - filled with flavors for each day of the week: Mandarin Orange Olive Oil, Cucumber Melon White Balsamic, Raspberry Basil Fruit Vinegar, Strawberry Balamic Vinegar, Basil Crushed Olive Oil, Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

each bottle is 250 ml

Monday - Mandarin Orange Olive Oil - use it on fish or on salads or in our favorite cupcake recipe!
Tuesday - Cucumber Melon White Balsamic - has a slight pepperiness which makes this one awesome marinade for chicken, fish, vegetables.
Wednesday - The middle of the week needs a little tang - Finish off youryour sauces or dressings with our Raspberry Basil Fruit Vinegar. 
Thursday - Get a burst of flavor with our Strawberry Balsamic - great to finish a Cobb salad with or liven up a fruit salad or virgin cocktail with.
Friday - Basil Crushed Olive Oil - One of our most popular oils - it is so diverse and lends so much flavor and texture to your pasta dishes or a potato salad or drizzel it over toast with some sliced tomato.  Mmm.
Saturday - Peach Balsamic is popular because it goes well with everything - over a ham or roast, As a finish to scallops or oer a baked squash paired with the Basil Olive Oil above.
Sunday - For the serious cook - use our Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Finish with it, start with it - a high (394) poloyphenol count keeps this varietal delicious and healthy.