Mother's Day Basket
Mother's Day Basket
Mother's Day Basket
Mother's Day Basket
Mother's Day Basket

Mother's Day Basket

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Make Mom’s day one she’ll cherish with heartfelt gifts and thoughtful delights she’s guaranteed to love 

We think mom deserves a little sweetness, a little messiness, a little saltiness and delicious fun (just like children)

We've put together a spring basket that includes all of it!


Apricot Phyllo Crisps

Comeback Cow 7 oz Brie  

Parmigiano Reggiano Olive Dip

Jennifer's Breadsticks

50 ml bottles of:  Fig Balsamic, Traditional 25 Star Barrel Aged Balsamic, Lemon White Balsamic, Peach White Balsamic Pomegranate Balsamic,  Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, Cilantro Lime olive oil and Tuscan Herb olive oil.

Junior’s of NY Raspberry Cheesecake 4 oz

Chocolate Fondue 7 oz

Additional - Strawberries and Pears

For starters, Apricot phyllo crisps go great alone and even better with Brie.  Dorthy's Comeback Cow is a domestic Brie with a velvety milk taste underlined by sweet and buttery flavors of mushrooms, truffles and almonds.

Rounding out the appetizers, we’ve included our best selling Parmigiano Reggiano olive dip which goes incredibly well with Jennifer's breadsticks. 

Our best selling balsamic vinegars are sure to delight her creative flair – a five pack includes Fig, Traditional 25 Star Barrel Aged, Lemon White, Peach White and Pomegranate. Pair these with our 50 ml bottles of Olive Olives – including Tuscan extra virgin, Cilantro Lime and Tuscan Herb.

Who loves cheesecake! A mini (4 oz) Junior’s of NY Raspberry Cheesecake is a perfect finish to a lovely meal.

Last but not least, we’ve included Chocolate Fondue, made with high quality chocolate produced in Switzerland, utilizing a bean to bar method, fair trade and sustainable farming processes. Ready to heat, with no baking, boiling, or refrigeration required. Microwavable!

We would include pears and strawberries to go with the fondue, but we are going to leave that to you. If you are shipping this further east than Colorado – please do not add on the strawberries. We can’t guarantee they will arrive beautifully.